Dr. Darius Stoddard and honoring our veterans

A lot of time has passed since my last post! I have moved north to Massachusetts…not far from Connecticut, but a move is a move! I have a quick post regarding a project I am currently working on, which will likely take several years. I have set out to document the final resting places of the Revolutionary War officers from Connecticut who served in the Continental Army or Navy for three years or more, or who died in service to their country. I believe the number of men in this group is nearly 500, so I have my work ahead of me. I am doing this to ensure all these men (or, as many as I can discover) continue to have their grave sites well maintained and decorated, in memory of the sacrifice they made to ensure the establishment of the United States. As I have begun, I have noticed a cousin of mine (many times removed) did not have a marker noting his service. I am glad to say that thanks to the Flag Man, I have corrected this! Picture below: