About the Blog

This blog provides information and stories of the descendants of Abraham Perkins (Hampton, NH) and John Cowles (Farmington, CT). Many descendants of Abraham moved southward, closer to Boston and Plymouth County, MA, and these are the descendants that are primarily discussed here. Many descendants of John remained in the Farmington Valley of CT (Farmington, Berlin/Kensington, and New Britain) and these are the descendants that are primarily discussed here. With few exceptions, all descendants discussed lived in the New England area of the U.S.

Of course, any genealogical research will send you far and wide through various family trees and this is no different here. Although the main point of departure begins with the Perkins and Cowles families, the following families are also discussed as they are connected in family lines (in no particular order): [Cowles family descent] Stoddard, Wadsworth, Hooker, Peck, Porter, Stanley, Leete, Coit, and more; [Perkins family descent] Sheerin, Ketelhuyn (Kittle), Harlow, Soule, Standish, Alden, Allerton, Bartlett, Bennett, Conant, Cushman, van Schaick, Vrooman and more.

About the Family Research

As nearly anyone who has done family research will tell you, genealogy is not an exact science. There are many old handwritten documents to decipher, grave markers that have worn beyond recognition, and records that simply contain errors. However, the research must have a certain degree of integrity and there are many recognized sources of high quality information, societies that review and approve information, and research methods that rely on multiple sources of information. Information presented herein will always be given with the highest intentions of integrity and if information or research conclusions are approved by recognized societies, this will be noted. If sources are in conflict, the presented information will be based on multiple sources that provide the highest degree of reliability. Sources will be noted as appropriate. If you notice some information that you know to be incorrectly reported, all feedback noting reliable sources that provide corrections would be most appreciated.

About me

Researching my family’s past is a hobby that I have taken up only recently (2013), and one that I have found to be fascinating for many reasons…a big reason being that I get to share all the great stories I discover! This is a hobby, so new information may be slow in its publishing; much depends on my scheduled free time and how much research I have been able to do. I enjoy hearing stories from others, so please feel free to comment on the stories that you read…and add information if you have it, that’s the fun of genealogy!

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